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Do you know what your dog does all day while you are gone?

If he or she is like most dogs, they either spend the day bored and lonely, or
getting themselves into trouble!  We know you can't be with them all day,
and by the time you get home, they want to play while you want to relax
and unwind.

BCK Doggie Daycare is the answer!  Drop off your dog at Bear Creek Kennels
and let them burn off all that doggie energy.  Pick your fur-baby up after
work or errands and spend the evenings relaxing together!

The purpose of Doggie Daycare is to provide stimulation, exercise and socialization for dogs. Here at BCK, we provide a controlled and lovingly supervised environment in which dogs can socialize, interact, and play throughout the day.

What sets us apart from other Doggie Daycare's?

We DO NOT kennel your dog for hours of the day & call it "nap-time"!    We are an ALL DAY playhouse. 

Daycare / Boarding Consent Form (MS doc file)

Ruger the Bulldog with his favorite shirt!

Ruby comes to PLAY 5 days a week!                           

Ruger sleeping at Daycare after hours of playing hard!

Ruby - Ange & Burt having fun at Daycare!  Burt's Mom says, "Burt LOVES Bear Creek Kennels!"


Bella- Our Canine Good Citizen Daycare girl.

Karl & Douglas in their favorite spot!  They are here 4 days a week & like to be in charge of who drives the car.

Carter & Lucy leaving Daycare happy!!


Jethro & Nellie leaving Daycare!    Both of these sweet dogs were rescued from Iowa because they had been thrown in a ditch & abandoned.  Now, they live to love everyone they see & make our Daycare full of excitement!

This is handsome Jordan- a Daycare regular!  Jordan came to us with severe separation anxiety.  After only a few months of regular socialization & boundaries, Jordan is now one of the friendliest boy on the playground!!

This is Harley!!!  He heads up the group of smaller dogs every day at Daycare.

Leven & Zoe leaving Daycare!

Karl greeting Timm in the morning!

*Daycare DISCOUNT after 3rd day in the same week!
Prices below DO NOT include Sales tax.                                          


 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days  5 Days 
1 Dog$15.00$30.00$45.00$58.00$71.00
2 Dogs$25.00$50.00$75.00$95.00$115.00
3 Dogs$35.00$70.00$105.00$135.00$165.00