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                      Sharper Edge Pet Care

Bear Creek Kennels has partnered with Sharper Edge Pet Care.  As a team, we can provide you with all of your pet care needs!  To receive the "BCK Discounted Rate" with Sharper Edge Pet Care, you MUST let Amanda know BCK referred you!

BCK Discounted Rates:
                        1 DOG                   2-3 DOGS                    4-5 DOGS
WALKS:           $12                           $15                               n/a

SITTING:      $12/visit                    $15/visit                        $18/visit  

Doggie Field Trips:   $25 first hour and $10 each additional half hour                                           $10 for each additional dog (no charge for extra time) 

Waste  Removal:
     1 DOG - $8/once a week and $10/twice a week
                                  2-3 DOGS - $10/once and $12/twice a week
                                  4-5 DOGS - $15/once and $18/twice a week
                              * first time/one time fees vary depending on amount 

Pet Taxi:  
$8 + $0.75 per mile (one way)

Amanda Sharp