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"This is a wonderful kennel. I did not have any experience with the previous owners, but the new owners, as of 5/10, are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I take my two large dogs there for daycare and sometimes for overnights. They are flexible, reasonably priced, and they LOVE dogs."                   Submitted by Anonymous Customer

"I take my dog Ruby to Bear Creek Kennels for day care while I am at work and she absolutely loves it. Can't get out of the car fast enough in the morning she is so excited to be there. Tim is excellent with the dogs and Char the groomer is always so cheerful. I love that they run out to your car to get the dog and bring the dog out to you if they see you pull into the lot. I cannot say enough positive things about Bear Creek. I will board my dog overnight and know she is well taken care of."                                                 Submitted by Nancy N.  (12-15-10)


"I am so happy I discovered Bear Creek! I started sending my dog, Billie,
a very active Jack Russell/Boston Terrier mix, to doggie day care last fall when          
I found that my long work days conflicted with her need to run, play, and                   socialize during the day. Since then, Billie has become a Bear Creek regular.           
I truly don't know what I would do without the staff's enthusiasm and flexibility.        
Billie is greeted every morning by the kennel's owner, Timm, and is always                
happy and eager when I pick her up after a long day. In addition to having a               
safe place where I can send her during the day, Billie's social skills have improved dramatically with other dogs because of the exposure she gets to all different kinds    
of play mates. When I get home, she literally sleeps the evening away, tired out by     
all the exercise she gets while at Bear Creek. The next morning she's all wags,        
ready for another day of fun.   For anyone with an active dog,                                      
Bear Creek's doggie day care is an affordable, excellent option that will give you         
the peace of mind you need while you are away from your animal. You'll be                
hard pressed to find another place like it!"

Best,                                                                                                                   Supriya                  Submitted on 2-9-11     


"Thanks for taking care of our sweet baby Yukon this weekend, it's a true testament to the quality of your kennel when our dog actually LOVES going :-) see ya Sunday!"                                                                                                                              Sandy J.     (2-11-11)                                                                    

"I started bringing my two dogs Rueger and Tater to the kennels last September for frequent daycare since Tater was a puppy and I had long days away. It was a blessing and a comfort to know they were in good hands and not destroying my house after twelve or so hours away.... Unfortunately Tater had to go to another home because of my allergies, but I still take Rueger there.
Rueger would do absolutely fine at home for long stretches of time, but he LOVES going there. Most people that know me and Rueger know that he doesn't like being away from me, but he actually gets really excited to go see Timm and all the others at the kennel.
Keri and Timm have been SUPER accomodating. I have a unpredictable schedule at times and have been able to pick Rueger up late if necessary or call and let them know he needs to stay. I highly suggest BCK as a place to take your dogs, and one of the best things is that they are completely reasonable for cost.
Thanks guys and continue the wonderful work!!!"
                                                         Submitted by Katharine A.      (2-21-11)

Rueger & Tater 

"For several months now I have been bringing my dog to Bear Creek Kennels for day care. In the morning when I grab her leash she knows where she is going and can not wait to get in the car.
I can not say enough good things about the owners and staff at Bear Creek Kennels. They are top notch and will go the extra mile for you and your dog. Bear Creek Kennels will treat your dog with love and respect, they really do put you and your dog first."                                                                 Submitted by Clarissa H.   (5-5-11)

"We recently boarded our standard poodle and golden doodle at BCK, while going to Mayo Clinic. We couldn't have anticipated the positive experience both us and our dogs had! Tim and the rest of the staff treated our dogs like they were their own, in their own home. My first positive impression was walking in the front door and not smelling strong dog odor. Obviously, a sign of very good housekeeping. The play yard was well equipped, with very happy dogs getting along together beautifully. The biggest indicator for us of an outstanding facility played out every day. We would pick the dogs up every day to see us for awhile. When we arrived, they were happy and calm, and when it was time to leave them off again, it was though they were waving and saying,"See you tomorrow!" They have never been happy to be left somewhere. Your pet will be happy and safe at BKC."                               Submitted by Sue S.  (6-3-11)

"What a pleasure to bring home a relaxed and happy dog from the first overnight stay at Bear Creek...thanks from Tucker's family and Tucker! No drama, no fuss just a nice run around the yard to make sure it hadn't changed. :-)"
Submitted by Barbara G.   (7-3-11)

"Thank you Bear Creek Kennels - Omar and CJ seemed like different dogs when we got them home - have been sleeping all day and both have been really good :) I would recommend you to anyone!! Thanks again!!"    Submitted by Sheridan S.     (7-10-11)   

"Belle had a blast! she slept for the car ride home and she will probably sleep all week! thanks for watching her!"                  Submitted on 7-10-11

"Bear Creek is doing an awesome job with my foster pittie, Bogart, they are very knowledgeable about bully breeds and care about rescue and enrichment!"                                              Submitted by Becca S.N.       (7-18-11)

A note from our Customer:

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated Violet's time at your place. When I picked her up she was glad to see me but she also barked good bye (I don't think you heard that but she did!) She came home a relaxed Violet not the anxious mess she sometimes after time away from me and home. I thank you very much for for having a safe caring place to lodge her. It made going away more restful for me!"

Thank you,

Janet S. (Violet's Mom)                                                            (9/15/11)

"I am posting this because a certain Ruger Van Vugt and Ghotti just got home from spending the past two days there and all I here is snoring in stereo! It was so nice to not have to worry about getting home late last night because I knew they were busy keeping Timm on his toes instead of waiting for me to let them outside. Thank you so much for treating them like one of the family, I don't worry at all when they are there."                                                                       Jill Van Vugt  (10/7/11)

Ruger Van Vugt & Ghotti

"I love Bear Creek! So does Bull'sEye. Now that it gets dark early, I can't give him the exercise he needs after I get home from work. But when Bull'sEye goes to daycare, he comes home tired and happy!"
Katie V.         (11-1-11)

"Nanc & I have 4 dogs, family members that we care about. When we need a place to leave them, whether it's for just the day or extended periods of time, we know we can trust Timm and his team to do an excellent job of caring for them."
Kelvin A.             (11-5-11)

Here is what Carter's Mom, Susan B. says about BCK Doggie Daycare.....

"There's always a party going on at daycare!! He gets so fired up when
I pull in the parking lot. I wish I could trade places with him!!"

"I am always sad to leave my Bella when I go out of town, but it is reassuring to see how comfortable she is there. Today I was trying to tell her goodbye, & she acted like I was long gone already! Thanks BCK!!!"
Kathy W.   (12-7-11)

"Your devotion & service to customers - canine and not- is one of the reasons I am so enjoying our busy boy Tucker."
The Graham family

"So super thankful for your services!! Lil Ashlyn has been absent from day care for far too long. Got home tonight and she crashed out..... snoring her little heart out. Not restless tonight!!!"
Rochelle A.          (12-27-11)

"I have two beautiful dogs that have been going to "school" at Bear Creek Kennels for the past two years. We adopted Jethro (actually named by Timm) in April 2010 and Nellie in January of 2011. They both go to "school" once a week on average. Jethro seems to sense when he get to go in the car and dances to get in the car. Nellie is a bit more reserved but watches out the back window to see where we're going.

I have a standard route from home. South on 52, to 14 East, right on Marion Road, and left up the hill. Around Mayo High School Jethro perks up and starts looking around. Then I ask "Where are we going?" "Are we going to school to see Timmer?..... and that is when the singing starts. When I say "Here we go up the hill". Jethro starts an almost constant whine of delight and when we get in the parking lot I can't get the doors open fast enough to let them out. They are so happy to have a day to play and get spoiled. When I pick them up they are happy to see me but there is no singing on the way home. Just sleep. They have such a good time and it give us peace of mind knowing that they are being watched, exercised and loved rather than being home alone in their kennels.

Thank you both for all you have done for us and how happy you make Jethro and Nellie."

Sue and Bill Evans     (1-1-12)

"Best place to kennel your dog in Rochester...Bear Creek Kennels of course!!!!!
At Bear Creek they make it a priority to get your dog out and exercised. As long as your dog is social, and not overtly dog aggressive, they are running around all day with other dogs. At Bear Creek they do the little things to make your dog feel more at home. Plus, I have to say the owners are fantastic people who LOVE dogs!"
Liz C.          (1-7-12)

"A great place. Lucy Lue loves it!!!!"
Rick W.       (1-8-12)

"Nanc & I have 4 dogs, family members that we care about. When we need a place to leave them, whether it's for just the day or extended periods of time, we know we can trust Timm and his team to do an excellent job of caring for them." 
Kelvin A.      (5-15-12)

"Lacey always comes home from there always tired and knows she has fun playing with everyone even only an half day. It has been so good for her since she is an husky puppy. They treat her so awesome."
Marge N.      (6-1-12)

"Bear Creek has done a wonderful job with our "wayfarer", Abby! She's been going to day care for a bit now and is doing SOOOO great. She's playing, having fun, and tired when she gets home. What a great place to take your dog. Timm & Keri genuinely care about the animals to come to play there. I look forward to bringing our newbie deaf "dal" when she's ready!!!!"
Karen M.      (9-1-12)

"WE LOVE BEAR CREEK KENNELS!!! We recently just moved to the cities and can no longer use the services Bear Creek Kennels offers and honestly we are devastated. We felt comfortable putting all our trust in the team at Bear Creek Kennels and they were such a pleasant office that they looked forward to seeing our dogs as much as our dogs did! It was nice to know that they would work with us on drop off and pick up hours without adding prices, which was great since their prices were perfect to begin with and our lives do not always fit within the 8-5 realm. Not only were they great at their jobs with wonderful customer service but they were genuinely friendly and helped me out when my phone died. I wish they were up in the cities with us now, but definitely would recommend them to everyone in need!"
Maleri M.      (3-10-13)

"Both our girls love nothing more than coming to Bear Creek. And there is No other place I'd take them!"
Stephanie S.   (4-1-13)

"Bear Creek Kennels is AMAZING!!! They have been tremendously flexible and accommodating. Best of all Willow has the most incredible time there. Always in good hands. Thank you Timm, Keri, and all that help!!!"
Christine D.     (5-13-13)

"I highly recommend Bear Creek Kennels! They treat each and every pup as if they were their own! 2 thumbs & 4 dewclaws UP!!!"
Sara F.           (7-1-13)

"Bear Creek is the best even when my dog was sick and on rice they took excellent care of her they keep my two dogs together so my little one doesn't have separation anxiety it's an awesome place to keep the dogs!"
Susan B.        (8-5-13)

"Timm and Keri genuinely love animals, and their hard work is reflected in Bear Creek Kennels.
It is clean, airy and the dogs get great attention.

Not only do they well care for their furry tenants, Keri has been instrumental in being active in the dog community, starting a Pack Walk, Dog Pull and other involvement bringing dog owners together. Both Timm and her are very approachable and will not only listen to your dog's needs, but will make sure those needs are met."

(Submitted by Ryan M.  in April 2013)

"We can't thank you guys enough for taking such good care of our babies at daycare and when we board them!  They get so excited when we turn the corner to go to daycare they would probably jump right out the window if I had it down:)
You guys are wonderful and we are so lucky to have you in Rochester!!

(Submitted by Jenny H. in January 2014)

"I love the staff here! Timm greets me every morning when I come in, he truly loves what he does.
They take such good care of me. Such a fun place to be at, always full of energy! I come home and I am so tired from playing all day. Mom loves taking me here! My mom can work a lot of hours/days in a row and she is so thankful she has a place to take me so I do not have to sit at home all alone. Mom and I love BCK. Mom has told her co-workers about this place and they love it too! One of the things mom really loves is how BCK posts pictures of me and all my friends playing. She can be busy at work but log onto Facebook and see that I am having a blast and playing hard or taking a nap. Mom brags about BCK to anyone she knows, such a fantastic place. Mom says she doesn't know what she would do without BCK. Thank you Timm and Keri for making BCK such a fun place for me to be at.
I feel so loved from the second I am there to the second I leave.
Mom and I cannot say thank you enough!!

(Submitted by Elmer Tree Walker & Mom on June 2, 2014)

" I am so grateful for the special care given to my "girls"!
It is a great feeling of trust we have with you!

(Submitted by Lori Z. on June 11,2014)

"Two snoring pups all afternoon. Thank you so much for taking good care of them this weekend!"

(Submitted by Sheena O. on 1/24/16)

"Another satisfied customer!! Blu loves her play days at BCK and we love taking her there. You guys do great work and thanks again."

(Submitted by Lorenzo R. on 6/30/16)

"Thank you Bear Creek! Copper couldn't even keep his eyes open on the way home. Love a tired puppy!"

(Submitted by Liz C. on 7/6/16)

"Today was Kirby's last day at BEAR CREEK KENNELS. Tim and his crew are wonderful, flexible, and took great care of Kirby. It's great having a place where the dog can't wait to get out of the car to go, comes back home tired and happy. This is a the best in town by a mile if anyone has dog daycare/kennel needs in Rochester."

(Submitted by Collin Z. on 7/8/16)

"Finn is too tired from doggy day care to clean up the spilled food from his sister's super!"

(Submitted by Jake B. on 8/9/16)

"Thank you so much for taking care of Nero, and for letting grandma pick him up a day early. He is tired and glad to be home with us tonight."

(Submitted by Laura M. on 9/29/16)

"Kota had a great day! He was asleep by 7pm.Thank you for all the fun, love and safe environment you offer. We love BCK!"

(Submitted by Jayna H. on 10/4/16)

"I think Ottos first day was a success! Thanks again!"

(Submitted by Jess W. on 10-13-16)

"What other doggie daycare sends you on your way with a GIANT bag of tennis balls?!?!" #bestever(Submitted by Sarah B. on 1/19/17)

"We are so grateful for the wonderful care our dogs receive at BCK. We recently added two new fur babies and they were seamlessly integrated as extended family. Our vet was "floored"at how much better an eye condition was in one month and about half of the time Bear Creek was managing that care. Thanks Bear Creek!"

(Submitted by Barb G. on 1/19/17)

"Thank you for the wonderful care you provided for Charlee at daycare today. She had a great time and will definitely be back soon!"

(Submitted by Hanna H. on 2/11/17)

"Wanted to say Thank you for everything you did for Cricket , while she was boarded. The peace of mind to have her in a safe, fun, living environment means everything. She so loves you all and you can see how much you love her. Thank you again.!!!"

(Submitted by Julie K. on 2/18/17)

"Our Buddy loves going to BEAR CREEK KENNELS. When I grab his leash and say it's play time! He can hardly contain himself!"

(Submitted by Vicki J. on 2/28/17)

"Kenzie had such a fun day at BCK ‚̧All tuckered out."

(Submitted by Kari J. on 3/1/17)