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                                 Our Family


Timm and Keri Peters have been DOG lovers their entire lives. 
Their family currently consists of 4 fur-babies.  They are owned by 2 Schipperkes and 2 American Bulldogs.
They reside less than 2 miles from the Kennel in Rochester, Minnesota.
Timm & Keri wanted to open a Kennel that put the dog's needs first. 
They strive to provide a consistently clean, quiet, and safe environment
for pets to stay while their owners are away.  This is their DREAM!!

Keri & Timm are active and supportive in the local Rescue community.
They are passionate about Canine sports and began Bear Creek Weight Pull Club in 2012.  Their latest project is the Med City Pack Walk.  The pack walk is designed for all levels of socialization and was founded in 2013.  They support the The Yellow Dog Project and bringing the program to Rochester.